Team Building Activities and Games

Team Building Activities Johannesburg

Team Building Activities facilitated by Purple Carrot have been running world class team building programmes for more than 8 years.

We have over 200 diferent activities which are structured towards addressing various different outcomes however the Theme’s listed below are trending as the most popular amongst our large variety of corporate and leisure clients in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, East London and other popular locations.

Amazing Race Team Building Johannesburg

Develop your reasoning and problem solving skills through a range of mind blowing amazing races around the varies cities in South Africa. Our amazing races will actively turn teamwork into results by learning new team techniques to reduce errors, increase communication and inspire innovation.

The biggest benefit however will be that this will enable your teams to have fun, while at the same time exploring  your chosen  city and its hidden adventures while still accomplishing your business-focused team building objectives, outcomes and goals.

While busy on the activity, the teams and their members will face a series of challenges at each different location that will test the skills of each team member in a many ways. Each team will be either be awarded points based upon their performance or lose valuable time while attempting to al complete the various tasks and activities. Depending on whether racing against time and each other team, or if points are being earned the points will be calculated at the end of the event to determine the winning team for the day.

Primary missions of amazing races will include problem solving activities such as, puzzles, codes, riddles, identification of prominent landmarks, interaction with local agents, utilization of budgets and various modes of local transport, communication skills, negotiation skills and collaboration skills.

Challenges may involve: dressing in traditional costume, elephants, monkeys, snakes, walking on water, visiting museums, make a movie promoting your organization and of course; a little shopping!

The Missing Link – Charity Team Building

This event will start by taking teams to spectacular locations in and around the city (before building their bicycles) using various forms of transportation (tuk tuks, river boats, sky train, underground train system, taxis). At each location teams will face a series of challenges using various skills; interactions with local people, problem solving, negotiating skills, budget and time management. On sucessful completion of each task team members will be rewarded with bicycle part points.

Workshop and Charity Phase

This Team Building Event is all about giving

When all the points have been obtained teams will have to dash back to the workshop for the team building assembly phase. In the workshop each team will be handed all their bicycle parts. They will then be given a time restraint of 45 minutes to assemble the bicycles. Toolkits will be provided for each team: spanners, screwdrivers, wrench and a hammer!

This team building event is also ‘all about giving’ and will end with the bicycles being donated to underprivileged orphaned children! This will be arranged through Excel Solutions Asia.

Fear Factor – Team Building Fears

Facing your fears, team building in….

Everyone has different fears. Some people fear noises at night. The team members will have a discussion around the scariest thoughts that exist within your team’s imagination? Now it’s time to put the thoughts aside, stand up and be counted. Take up our Team Building Tear Factor event in the various cities of South Africa and feel the sensation of creepy crawlies rummaging around your body!

Overcome your teamwork fears and become a king amongst men, a queen amongst women. Honour and prestige will be bestowed upon you and see team members look at you with awe and wonder.

Outcome Based Team Building Activities in Johannesburg

Tailor your event and face your Fears

Creepy crawlies, Mouldy Pizza and More!

Scorpion King: Silent, scary, deadly! They creep around on the lookout for new victims. Dare your team enter the cave! Do you have the nerve? Do you have the courage to take on these creatures? Confront your fear of these eight legged fiends and do not be afraid of their grasping claws and stinger. But don’t forget. Resist the urge to scream!

Snack Time: They’re crunchy. They’re crispy. At last, something to get your teeth into! Come along and taste the delicacies of bugs, insects and creepy crawlies! We are now able to offer you the whole range of these little darlings from the insect world. Fried, boiled, barbecued. The choice is yours. Supersize me!

Secret Agent – Team Building Spy Games in Johannesburg

How would you like to be a spy whose job it is to find murderers and be a hero by saving the world from destruction at the hands of an arch super-villain.

In this fast paced activity, you are the number one operative in a top-secret organization called!!! If I tell you the name of this organisation then I will have to kill you. Your main mission is to protect the world from terrorist’s forces.

Your missions will take you to some exotic locations, where you will face dangerous enemies,  and have to avoid certain traps, while still solving baffling puzzles to save the day.

The day will start with you and your team breaking into a hotel room and cracking the safe. From here things will eat up and include a mixture pf fast cars, beautiful girls, diving for diamonds and of course a gun battle!  The day will end with an evening with you dressed to kill …… Tux and slinky evening dresses or cameo and stealth gear.  Time to party the night away in true Secret Agent style.

Boot Camp – Military disciple Team Building Activities Johannesburg

Our corporate customised Boot Camp event has been specially designed to help staff and management requiring discipline! This innovative team building event can range between 2 hours up until two days. The participating Staff (the offenders) who do not finish a Boot Camp program must serve a prison sentence – only joking!

Our Boot Camp team building programme offers the best way for staff to get fit while still having fun in the great outdoors! A key to the success of this event is the motivation provided by our professional ex-military instructors.

The demanding assault course includes amongst others a wall climb, large tyres, balance beams and balance poles to negotiate and swings and river crossings. You may well gain a few bruises by the end of the day but that’s part of the fun of this activity. Please note this activity is not for the faint hearted.

Directors Cut – Johannesburg Making Movies

In the highly interactive activity you will work as real filmmakers and stretch your team’s creativity and communication skills. Let us guide you with the three steps involved to making your movie: pre-production, production, and post-production

Pre-production: This first stage starts with your team rehearsing, preparing the script and utilising the props, This enables teams to develop their artistic vision through the script writing and rehearsals and most importantly; prevent any errors that would cost your team wasting time and film during production!

Production: Teams will travel to designated locations where a camera man, props and backdrop awaits! Each team will asign a different director at each location and shoot their movie! Don’t forget to use the locals!

Post-production: Teams return and edit their film by simply taking the bits of the film they want to use and putting them in the right order. You’re now ready to hit the festival circuit and hold a screening!

During dinner we run your movies so that your teams can enjoy the laughs together, and see themselves on the silver screen for the first time; ending with a nomination for Best Picture, Actor and Actress. Oscars will be presented during dinner!

The Catwalk – Design and Fashion Johannesburg team event

Come on , you know that you were perhaps destined to be one of the world’s best  fashion designer because you spent a large portion during your childhood designing clothes for your Barbie dolls (or Ken Action Men!) rather than playing with your friends. Or even worse reading fashion magazines instead of doing your home work! If you want to be the next Yves Saint Laurent, then this is the event for teams that are completely and utterly obsessed with fashion!

Time to relive your childhood as we provide you with all the tools to create your own Catwalk fashion show:  This includes front row tickets, designers (that’s where you come in), runway models (again that’s where you and your team come in), make-up, hair and of course the fashion. This is now your team’s opportunity to design and make an impressive selection of clothes to your newly created hip and happening fashion label!

The day begins with haggling at numerous bargain shopping areas around the local market. So time to be creative as you try and source a must-have trendy item to dazzle your peers at your catwalk.

Back at base camp the teams will begin to create some beautifully shaped items and garments from  the materials that you purchased on your shopping spree! Your aim is to create a new trend, a creative flair and a unique fashion perspective!

Catwalk: This is where your teams choreograph and stage your own unique catwalk fashion show complete with commentary, music and your very own selection of catwalk models!

Castaway – Beach Survival Team Building Challenge around Johannesburg

Castaway is an ideal team event designed to be both challenging and fun. Groups are split into tribes of 6-10 people and each tribe’s goal is to complete various given challenges as effectively as possible. Cast Away gives your group the chance to work in teams and decide how they would respond to being stranded on a deserted island!

Each tribe will be given their tribe buff (armbands) in their tribe color. Tribes then start this fun event by searching for jewels scattered around the island by solving clues and using the treasure map provided! Once all the jewels have been found tribes must return to the beach to build a solid sea-worthy vessel.

The real test to any raft is how long will it last and your tribe will soon discover who the engineers are! The rafts must be big enough and strong enough to carry the tribe to an offshore location for another challenge! Perhaps a little diving for buried treasure and some fishing!

Don’t worry if your raft falls apart leaving you stranded in the shark infested waters! We will be there to save you! Back on shore tribes will need to build and light fires from various materials won (without matches) for a little open air cooking! We even throw in a few tasty bugs! All this and some seriously fun activities thrown in between makes this an ideal event for any of the picturesque beach locations in Thailand!

Art Attack – Creative Team Building in Johannesburg through Painting

You don’t need to be Michelangelo, Renoir or Van gogh to enjoy this team building event. Recover, discover or uncover your teams artistic creativity! Art Attack is an expressive, creative visual event taking participants to idyllic locations from city life to tropical beaches!

Teams will be able to share their experiences reflecting on ideas through creative expression. Besides having fun, the objective of Art Attack is to inject curiosity into the team’s mind and instill confidence in their drawing and painting skills.

Participants can explore different materials freely, allowing their imagination to flow freely. It also develops their cognitive skills, encouraging the teams to problem solve and come up with their own ideas.brushes

The last part of the event consists of exhibiting your paintings as an art gallery where team members can enjoy a refreshing drink and discuss their creative masterpieces and experiences. All guidance, art materials (watercolours, oils, brushes, canvas, easels etc), and planning is provided by Excel Solutions Asia.

The half or full day event may be several individual pieces or a collaborative workshop of one large single masterpiece. Every effort is made to identify workshop locations that feature unique cultural, historical and landscape characteristics.

Match of the day – Football Team Building Johannesburg

If your group has a passion for football then this ‘Match of the Day’ team building event could be for you! This event is the perfect guide to the tactics and techniques that make up a winning team. Throughout this event all participants (on and off the field) are required to pull together and support each other in order to form and become the winning team!

Your group will be divided into approx 11 players per team excluding substitutes. Because the activity is not only focused on the game only the rest of your group not wishing to play will also be able to participate by roleplaying either a linesmen, a referee, the team managers, press photographers, the television presenters, the coaches and the even the odd football hooligan or two! After all, this is a fun activity  for absolutely everyone!

You simply choose your favourite team to create a World Cup, European Cup, or any Cup match! How about recreating a Manchester United versus Chelsea, or Chiefs versus Pirates wearing the famous colours! Even Red and Yellow cards will be handed out!

The winning team will be decided by the winners of the match and the team work participation of all members!

Action Events – Team Building Adrenalin

Most professionals spend the main part of their adult lives in an office or commuting to one. Long fatigue-filled days spent in meetings, with computers compiling reports, going to destinations to participate in other meetings and constant daily stress.

It’s enough to drive you into early retirement before you are ready for it! All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and the same goes for organizational motivation..

We provide an exciting variety of corporate action team building events in various locations in South Africa. These custom built, action packed days revolving around any choice of theme you want.

This is the chance for your organisation to indulge in their fun side! Whether you want to be James Bond, or Jackie Chan for a day we can make it happen..

Lethal Weapon Team Building Event in Johannesburg

Our Lethal Weapon team building event will not only shower you with state of the art weaponry, but also guide your team along the road to become awesome sharpshooters. Gain the experience and enter our world of lethal weapons! Match your Platoons! Become a marksman and shoot your enemies!

Start your event at some technically advanced, user-friendly indoor / outdoor gun ranges shooting various types of pistols (.22, .38, .45, and 9mm). All include: hearing and eye protection, a selection of the more popular calibers of ammunition, and various safety and training instructional materials.

You may be colleagues inside your organization but when you enter the team building paint ball arena, mayhem starts, the adrenaline flows and your basic instincts suddenly take control!

This is your chance to become the new marksman. Enter the arena, smote your enemy and receive the adulation of your team members. Bring your platoon and match them against your enemy. It’s an team building event that is action-packed, physically exhausting, mentally draining and enormous fun!